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As Pandemic Boosts Demand For Immunity Supplements, Dentovations Launches Self+ Line

As Pandemic Boosts Demand For Immunity Supplements, Dentovations Launches Self+ Line

Source : 'HBW Insight'

For Dentovations Inc., hand sanitizers no longer are its only products in a category showing rapid sales growth driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. It recently launched Self+ Supplements as consumer demand soars for immunity-boosting products.

The Boston-based firm, which markets Activa hand sanitizers, is offering Self+ immunity supplements in Brain, Energy and Unwind formulations in powder format for mixing with water.

A representative for the brand said the Self+ supplements are available online and at GNC stores at a suggested retail price of $39.95 for a one-month supply.

According to the brand, the Self+ Brain formulation contains alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine, açai berry extract, L-theanine and L-tyrosine along with vitamins B-6 and -12; Energy contains echinacea and organic lion’s mane, shiitake and turkey tail and yerba mate; Unwind has ashwagandha, L’theanine, L-trytophan, melatonin and magnesium.

Self+, like Activa, is in a category of consumer health products with soaring sales since the novel coronavirus pandemic began. Market researchers have noted that sales of immunity supplements, and elderberry products in particular, have jumped in 2020 as consumers worldwide became concerned about maintaining their health as a defense against contracting COVID-19. ()

Dentovations isn’t alone spending on tapping into demand for immunity supplements. Nestle Health Science SA in June invested in US firm Vital Proteins LLC soon after it launched immunity-boosting products.

Chicago-based Vital Proteins, which distributes its products through subscription plans, in stores and online sales, had started offering its Vitality powder blend for beverages containing vitamin C, collagen, L glutamine, zinc, electrolytes and beta glucan earlier in 2020, when consumer interest spiked in boosting immunity health to help prevent infection from the novel coronavirus that had begin rapidly spreading through much of the world. ()

Demand in the US for hand sanitizers jumped so rapidly as consumers responded to the pandemic that the Food and Drug Administration in March loosened controls on manufacturing the products to encourage additional businesses to enter the market. ()

However, the agency in August updated its temporary guidances on preparing or compounding alcohol-based hand sanitizer products, and on manufacturing alcohol for those products following widespread recalls of products found to contain methanol rather than ethanol or isopropyl alcohol as the active ingredient. It noted that the potential for problems with sanitizers available to US consumers grew after it initially published the temporary guidances. ()

Dentovations currently also markets the Utopia teeth whitening technology used by dentists and previously marketed consumer oral care products before selling its Luster Premium White brand to French Transit Ltd. in 2017. French Transit, of Louisville, KY, also markets Crystal deodorants and said it nearly doubled in size as well as expanding into oral care by adding Luster.

By Malcolm Spicer