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I am a clinical cardiologist in the midwest, in an area largely untouched in the first several months of the pandemic, hit hard late 2020, and now we have disease surging badly in the community again. Since about late December I have asked each and every outpatient I see if they've had the COVID-19 vaccine. Initial frustration and bafflement at where and how to get the vaccine (early January) has been replaced by widespread availability and patients generally being more savvy than I in terms of where and how to get vaccinated. But what I am really interested in is the experience of other clinicians in terms of acceptance of the vaccine among your patients. In my unofficial tally (kept with pencil and paper) my patients right now are about 90% vaccinated. My population of course is older, sicker, and consists of a lot more people in assisted/independent living and nursing facilities. I am interested to hear from others what their observations have been and how the patient population varies in age, comorbidities and vaccine uptake. Non-randomized, unofficial, and casual observations welcome!